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Microsoft Azure Certifications: Tips for test takers

There is nothing better than receiving an email from Microsoft that says “Congratulations on successfully completing your Certification and advancing your career!...

Written by Freddy Ayala · 1 min read >

There is nothing better than receiving an email from Microsoft that says “Congratulations on successfully completing your Certification and advancing your career! A Microsoft certification can help you advance your skills, demonstrate clear business impact, get hired, or earn a raise” after preparing for months and taking a certification test.

All that hard work has payed off and now you have a wonderful badge that you can share with the world, however taking certifications tests can be a very stressing and nerve braking situation if you are not well prepared. However most of the times everything will go well.

So after running against the clock to take AZ-301 in order to complete the Microsoft Expert Path I’ve been pursing I want to share with you some of my experience about test taking and how to prepare well:

Preparing for the test

  • Schedule the test and set up a deadline, Don’t postpone it too much.
  • Take at least 1 hour daily to study, plan ahead the subjects, depending on your experience level it could take 1 or 2 months to prepare for a certification.
  • Don’t only focus on theory, connect to the Azure Portal and start playing
  • Take several practice tests, I would always recommend to try, their test are very close to the real deal.
  • Once you take the test review the results and focus on your weak areas.

Before the test

  • Check the technical requirements the days before the test to make sure that your PC is supported, so in case you have problems you can borrow or use another PC.
  • Have your phone and passport on hand.
  • Don’t drink to much water and go to the bathroom, the exams can be long.
  • Restart your PC
  • Check that your webcam works
  • Close all applications and stop some unneeded services (steam)
  • Run the Person’s Vue System test at least 1 hour before exam to avoid any surprises
  • Join the exam 10 minutes before, have your phone and a passeport ready.
  • Avoid bluetooth devices, the test client might be very resource intensive.
  • Deactivate temporarily your anti virus protection.
  • When you launch the test there might be a popup Windows Firewall alert that triggers, be sure to select private networks and public networks just in case, and click allow access.
Tell Windows 10 firewall to stop prompting me to allow apps access after  each reboot - Super User
  • Just relax and breath a bit, if you fail it’s not the end of the world, you can always retake the test.

During the test

  • If your camera stops working, they will contact you and you will have to re launch the test.
  • In extreme cases you can close your laptop wait a few seconds, reopen it and relaunch the test.
  • If you have to restart your PC, contact them using the chat button and tell them you are going to restart your PC.
  • You can join the same session using the already downloaded PersonVue client and the same access code.
  • At the end if everything else fails you will have to call PersonVue and reschedule the test, they will send you an email within 5-8 business days with a voucher to reschedule your test.
    After the test

After the test

Celebrate and share with us!

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